have you heard about the 2009 japan nickelodeon news on midnight in japan nickelodeon on tv shut down for good and no one new why it is probably becase of the earthquake nickelodeon never came back that last point of spongebob waving goodbye but not just that on japoness nickelodeon studios shut down as well probably do to weird weather condition one purson sed it was becase of a volcanic eruption but hell what would that spose to do to nickelodeon studios. what burn but okay weird gessas um anyway i once actually went to nickelodeon studios and saw sandy patrick mr crabs and more other characters from nickelodeon and oddly i saw squidword staring at me like there is something rong and just stared for like 2 minuts and especially in the dark were employees only room intell i snaped out and just walked away. i still always remember it it only was a thew years ago like i was 22. but the thing was that i was sord of curious to go see it again so i saw on news paper it sed about a investigation of abandoned nickelodeon studios and people saw crazy stuff there but people sed that some investigaters went in and never came out i thout about investigating the place so i went to check it took a wile to find it but i did it semed the area was old and gray i saw many old kids choice awards blimps on the ground most of them were shreded with them not be able to make a squake sound anymore and a bunch of old water park peices rutten and have tears all over it there was a door that led to a strange inner place down a hall of doors i enter a room that had the door frame on the floor colored with blood in text reads you should had done this i didn,t know what was it was saying but i did not really care i decided to leave that room for later note for it saying costume service i went into a room that sed labeled storage room i went in and saw a huge mess of scraped paper and chairs everywhere and one noticeable thing a slime machine i remember they had something like that back then wen they had lots of stuff i went into a nother room labeled slime factory i went in and saw a huge amount of green goo everywhere the machine was covered so covered that the hole thing was green long with the blender stuck in place by the thick stick slime like long vine sticking acros the slime was dirty and solid it probably stayed here for ages drying out its last shiney liquid form i got to grosed out i had to leave i thout i take a look back at the costume service room i looked inside i walked in the very dark room i put on my flash light to see what was here i saw a old dusty dora costume it was the dora they explorer costume along with here best pal boots oddly he was missing his boots it weird slime poring out from it i saw a old squidword head lying on the ground but with no eyes and no nose creepy i went and saw a spongebob costume lying on a broken desk i proched it and looked at then i walked over to a classic tv the suddently turn on and sed spongebob the lost episodes then it sed you made a big mistake better run run run before spongebob gets you


i once looked back at the spongebob suit and suddently it got up the costume staired at me then it laghed just laghed for no resone i thoute to my self what was so funny then the spongebob costume sed to me in a dromatic weird voice hay im spongbob want to see my face come off? he begane to rip his hole face off like the episode weird sandy rip the grumpy mean green back off and that goo sprayed everywhere so much big green chunky slime i ran and ran and ran for my life and hoped the fence i don,t know why people stayed in that room so many resons why japan nickelodeon shut down nobody was sposed to know about this nobody in god of nickelodeon.


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